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Vehicle Paint Protection

Paint Protection

A paint to your vehicle is like an enamel to a tooth. It not only adds to shine and beauty but it also protects the metal underneath from rusting and decay.

As we drive around, small objects such as gravel and asphalt chips and other debris collide with our vehicles making sometimes very small dents in the paint that are not visible or sometimes micro chips and cracks that can be quite visible upon closer inspection. Certain colors such as black, dark red and even white can magnify those dents and chips to be more visible thereby creating an eye sore to your vehicle’s paint finish.

As the time goes by, moisture and other contaminants will work its way into those cracks and cervices further damaging the paint and accelerating decay and rusting.

Paint protection film protects your paint finish from such damages by acting as an invisible barrier between your vehicle’s paint finish and colliding debris. Virtually invisible thin film that is made to better absorb impact from flying debris, the paint protection film will add a lasting protection to any surface treated on your vehicle.

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor offers three packages to choose from. Basic (protecting most vulnerable areas such as front of the hood, fender tips and mirrors, Enhanced (protecting the front of the hood, fender tips, mirrors and front bumper) and Plus (protecting a full hood, mirrors, entire fender area and an entire headlight area).

Prices for each package may vary based on vehicle type (car, truck, SUV, Minivan) and / or specifics of your vehicle. To inquire more about our paint protection packages please call us or contact us with your specific vehicle model and year of manufacture.

Paint Protection


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