Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is your number one choice

for your auto detailing needs!


From Dirty to Clean
And Everywhere In Between

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor is your number one choice for your auto detailing needs!

From Dirty to Clean
And Everywhere In Between


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What’s inside your vehicle …

Detailing vehicles for as long as we have, meant that we have seen vehicles in all conditions coming to our shop. From dirty to clean and everywhere in between, we can bring the shine back to your vehicle, however there are some housekeeping rules that have to be covered.

Extra Dirty Vehicles

We are happy to tackle the dirty but sometimes we are up for a battle.

Our detailing crews are very experienced and oriented to the detail. We can definitely clean any vehicle in any shape, however sometimes those dirty jobs take a lot of extra time to bring the vehicle back to the clean condition. Work trucks (oilfield, off-road etc.) or sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can turn inside of your vehicle into one big mess. Worry not, we can still help.


Vehicle Interior Cleanup

Please keep in mind that extra dirty vehicles will take more time than the allotted hours shown above. $45 for the first 0.5 hr and $75 for the full hour beyond the estimated time …

Best Ceramic Coating For Your Ride

With many years of detailing service, we have had a chance of trying many ceramic coating products so when we came across DuraSlic line of products we were more than impressed with results.

With one of best ceramic coating properties that improves repellency of not only water based contaminants but also of a wide spectrum of oil based contaminants (such as oil, gasoline, diesel, tar, grease, bug grime, tree sap etc.) the DuraSlic line of product beat competitor products in both what they can protect as well as how long they last. 1000 washes tested.

DuraSlic Ceramic Coating Coupon


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