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Decal Removal


Modern day businesses often go through rebranding and therefore require old logos, decalls etc. to be removed from their equipment such as trucks, trailers, etc. Or sometimes, a business is looking to dispose of the used and the surplus equipment and is looking to remove any company branding before selling the equipment.

Boats, RVs, trailers, sports vehicles, etc. all, as well often have decorative decals, pinstripes and other decorations that over time will fade, get damaged, or simply will go out of style.

Removing old decals, signs, wraps and other glue on decorations is not an easy job and often will leave the glue, pieces of the decall, set in dirt and other particulars on the equipment highly visible even after the decal has been removed. Or they will not come off that easy at all. Having the right equipment and expertise, quite often means the difference between a job well done or one that is not so well done.

Moble Auto Detail Doctor has worked on many projects from commercial trailers, tractors, RVs, boats, cars, trucks etc. and can efficiently remove old decals as well as perform polish, buff and post removal clean-up to remove any remnants that may still be visible after the decal has been removed. We have the equipment as well as an expertise to get the job done right and get your equipment ready for new decals or simply increase the resale value of your surplus equipment by having it presentable and without traces of old lettering, logos and other corporate signage before your equipment is sold or disposed of.

Decal Removal Services


Our reputation precedes us. The great feedback we receive from our customers, referrals and repeat visits for our shop year after year, speak for themselves on how well we do our job.

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We have received a perfect 5 star rating for the last 2.5 years for our customer service and detailing results.



Our philosophy is to always try to reach for perfection yet our friendly staff and expert technicians are the real reason why our clients keep coming back.

Mobile Auto Detail Doctor employs only technicians with at least 2 years experience. We use only top rated and approved equipment and supplies and never cut corners.

As such we are proud to carry a perfect safety record with zero workplace accidents, zero damage claims to our client’s vehicles and property and zero violation citations.

Your vehicle is always safe with us!


When it comes to the quality and the reliability, our clients trust us to get the job done right the first time, every time.

Over years, Mobile Auto Detail Doctor has detailed thousands of vehicles not only for our consumer customers, but to some most iconic and recognizable business and corporate names in Edmonton and area.  And not only did we detail cars, trucks, SUV etc. but on occasionally we had been called to deliver on a higher flying mission detailing such equipment as aircraft.

Following are just few names we know you will recognize and we hope that you too will trust us with your next detailing job.

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